Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Free version really free?

Yes. Totally. All you need to Eat Better is here on the website. I pay my bills by coaching people through it who may be stuck or need some help.

How do I pay?

Coming soon...

Is the payment a one off or a recurring fee?

They are a recurring fee. Payment is due in advance.

How can I cancel and stop paying?

Just let me know at least 5 working days before the next fee is due and I'll cancel it for you, no worries.

We want to take up your Group option. Do we all pay the full amount? How does it work?

Coming soon...

Any special requirements for the Google "virtual classroom" in the Group option?

  1. The group must consist of at least 5 people at all times. People can join/leave as they wish, but late joiners will be required to "catch up" with the assignments of the rest of the group.
  2. A Google account is needed to use the virtual classroom. A Google account is not the same as a Gmail email address. Click here to get a Google account.
  3. You can see a quick video explaining the basics of the Google virtual classroom by clicking here.